Wealthcare Capital Management
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Defy the Common


Wealthcare Capital Management, LLC provides financial advisors and their clients with an end to end Wealth Management Solution, including:

  • Goals-Based Financial Planning
  • Cost and Tax-Efficient Portfolio Management
  • Daily Account Review, Rebalancing, & Contribution/Withdrawal Management
  • Quarterly Forward Looking Monitoring
  • Fee-Billing

As a fee-only Registered Investment Adviser, we support advisors in delivering objective, life-relative financial advice. We pioneered the practice of goals-based wealth management and give clients confidence that their valued goals can be exceeded without exposure to unnecessary investment risk or lifestyle sacrifice. The patented Wealthcare System is a straightforward process that connects clients’ lives with their investments. The result is a dynamic plan that is adaptable to changes in clients’ lives as well as the market’s inevitable up’s and down’s. Financial Advisors benefit from a streamlined process which enables more time to cultivate relationships with clients. Contact us or call 1-877-883-7526 to learn more.


Our unique process focuses on:
  • Confidence in achieving valued goals
  • Matching investments to goals and avoiding unnecessary investment risk
  • Improving a client’s current lifestyle by reducing savings amounts needed
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We have but one simple mission: to change the very industry we helped to create. In fact, we are building a revolution. Our years of service have led us to question the status quo, to defy the commonplace and reject the industry's inherent conflicts of interest, leaving behind outdated ways. So we’re looking to the future and practicing wealth management in a radically different way that puts the obtainment of dreams ahead of chasing returns. This approach empowers our patented systems and technologies to bring those dreams to life, and as a result, allows us to secure the comfort and confidence of each and every one of our clients as they make the most of their one life. It's the Wealthcare Way™. And we’re looking for the right advisors to Join Us.

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