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Wealthcare is changing the investment advisory paradigm.

Goals-based wealth management is a popular theme these days. Seems like lots of firms are jumping on the bandwagon. But not every financial planning process is the same. So while most firms and advisors tout their abilities to help achieve clients’ goals, in reality, they’re usually stuck on yesterday’s up-and-down, performance-focused roller coaster. They view money as a commodity to gain or lose — rather than a tool for accomplishing real, tangible goals.

We know that goals-based wealth management isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a way of life — and we believe the entire financial community deserves a better way to help their clients reach their goals and dreams. Explore how our patented goals-based wealth management process can transform your financial planning experience and guide you safely to your financial future.

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Our Patented Goals-Based Wealth Management Process

The financial world is filled with uncertainty. But with Wealthcare as your guide, your future doesn’t have to be. By combining personalized support and service with cutting-edge technology and tools, our elegant system helps investors answer the one question that matters most: Will I be able to realize my life goals?

Wealthcare offers the only patented goals-based wealth management process that helps investors confidently know where they stand at any point during their financial lives — and we built our approach on deep market knowledge and the power of science. From our patented goals matrix and 1000-lifetime probability analysis to our trademarked Comfort Zone™ indicator and beyond, we remove the guesswork from financial planning.

Explore the Wealthcare Difference

The Proven Choice for Goals-Based Wealth Management

Goals-based wealth management isn’t something we do — it defines the very core of who we are. We first invented the process in 1999 and have spent every day since researching and developing new ways to improve how well it works for you. Today, we’re proud to have developed one of the most technologically advanced financial platforms in the industry. And behind our sophisticated technology and cutting-edge support is a team of experts who care deeply about the people who trust their futures to us.