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Wealthcare's Unified Managed Household Program (UMH) gives you exclusive access to our patented processes combined with our unique supporting services. With our UMH Program, you get the support you need to do the best job for your existing clients as well as the efficiency and scalability you need to grow your business. Like other Managed Account platforms, our UMH Program includes fee billing, account management and trading, research, and performance reporting. But it also includes:

> Outsourced Wealth/Life Goal/Financial Planning with quarterly updates
> Tax optimization across multiple managed accounts through sophisticated tax location management tied to the integrated wealth management plan
> Incorporated advisory services on held away assets like 401(k)s, potentially some illiquid assets, and many other held away assets to increase assets under management and provide truly comprehensive advice

What's more, we free advisors from planning mechanics, income generation management for retired clients, and asset flow management between accounts and client goals.

And it does it all in one turnkey package at an all-inclusive price that is 50 bps under most TAMPS, SMAs, UMAs and MMAs. Because of this, you can tailor your fees and income to meet your needs and the needs of your clients.

> Enables higher advisor fees, or
> Lower, more competitive total client fees, or
> Potentially higher retirement income for clients
> A combination of all of these

If you want to talk about how the Wealthcare UMH Program can help your practice, contact us at 877.883.7526

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