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The Wealthcare Way™ is our patented advisory system that utilizes a unique blend of technique, technology and services to deliver an unprecedented level of client comfort and advisor confidence.

You may already be familiar with Financeware, our web-based wealth management technology platform. For advisors who fully partner with our firm’s investment advisory program, Financeware is the delivery mechanism of our advisory services. It also provides unaffiliated advisors with a framework for combining their investment insight with our industry-leading probability analysis wealth management software, which features a workflow that follows the design of the Wealthcare System.

For an in-depth discussion of the entire Wealthcare process, including scripts and a sample presentation, click on the link to access the Complete Guide to Wealthcare.


Understanding your clients' life goals and how they prioritize those goals is the real key to understanding your clients. By rethinking risk in terms of meeting specific goals—such as retiring early or traveling the world—rather than using mathematical risk tolerances, you're better able to understand your clients' needs and to create investment strategies that meet those needs. Our wealthcare questionnaire is the first step in this process.


Your clients demand an investment strategy that accounts for and evolves with the changing nature of their lives. Software that can effectively determine the probability of confidently and comfortably achieving life goals must be applied in order to stress test and validate the investment strategy you build. Our diagnostic methods are an integral part of the Wealthcare Way™. With Wealthcare, you can measure your financial strategies against simulated market performance over thousands of lifetimes. Our software eliminates assumptions that detract from the utility of the analysis and increases client confidence in the results.


Only one measure of an investment strategy matters: your clients' realization of their valued goals and dreams. If you were to re-evaluate a client's portfolio using the Wealthcare Way™, you may be surprised to find that financial plans that once seemed achievable now appear unacceptably risky, while other dreams that seemed unreachable may be accomplished. Through an engagement with the Wealthcare process and a holistic approach to your clients' financial lives, you will be able to deliver solutions that exceed your clients' expectations, as well as your own.

Wealthcare Value Proposition
Click here to download an effective and powerful presentation on the value of the Wealthcare process.

Sample Presentation Report
Click here to view a pdf containing a sample Wealthcare presentation report.

Sample Status Report
Click here to view a pdf containing a sample Wealthcare monitoring report.

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