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The Price Your Clients Pay for Using Safe Withdrawal Rates
David Loeper explains why the only safe retirement withdrawal rate is a flexible one. Learn how to implement a dynamic planning methodology that helps make the most of your clients' lives.

Gold’s Twelve Month March to $3,800 an Ounce
In this paper, David Loeper examines historical data to question the deployment of various investment types to address the prospect of rising inflation.

Succession Planning – Maximizing the Value of Your Practice – Building a Billion Dollar Practice
This paper written by David Loeper attempts to identify the root causes and cures for an industry wide problem in creating enough value at succession to fairly compensate retiring advisors.

Hunting for Black Swans
In this important new white paper, David Loeper discusses the process of building capital market assumptions and how he has developed and improved the assumptions used in the Wealthcare process.

Measuring Temperature with a Ruler
One of our most popular email series that explores the advantages of wealth management has been combined into a whitepaper and is available in an online webinar format here.

Efficiency Deficiency
In our latest whitepaper, "Efficiency Deficiency", David Loeper addresses how asset allocation is actually being practiced in today’s markets.

Understanding Monte Carlo Simulation
In "Understanding MonteCarlo Simulation", David Loeper clarifies why Monte Carlo Simulation is gaining popularity, what problems it might help us solve, what it shows and perhaps more importantly, what it cannot show.

Active vs. Passive Management - The Debate Continues
In "Active vs. Passive Management: The Debate Continues," David B. Loeper discusses the arguments and evidence presented on both sides of the issue.

The Alternative To Alternative Classes
In "The Alternative to Alternative Classes," David B. Loeper discusses the relatively new asset class called alternative investments.

Do You Perceive a Contradiction?
In "Do You Perceive a Contradiction? Examining the Premises of Financial Advising," David B. Loeper, CIMA, CIMC discusses the the traditional "best practices" of the financial services industry.

Are You Modeling What You Intended?
Capital market assumptions created by the financial services industry - and the results derived therefrom - vary widely. Advisors must evaluate their assumptions in determining whether the results are meaningful and accurate.

Ignorance is Bliss
The financial services industry expects advisors to identify risk, model it, and optimize around it--but are we planning for it? This new commentary discusses how advisors may be blissfully ignoring a portfolio~s risk.

Whats Current Got to Do With It? Part 2
In the second part of this series, we examine two clients with identical "current" situations but different long-term goals. Find out how doing "better" than "better" for these clients might not be the best advice.

Whats Current Got to Do With It? Part 1
For years advisors have been analyzing plans based on "current" versus "proposed." This two-part paper shows advisors how to focus on meeting client goals rather than just improving a client~s "current" situation.

Wealthcare: The Future of Financial Advising
A discussion of Financeware~s philosophy of financial advice. Learn how advisors should be providing wealthcare rather than static financial planning.

The Concentration Crisis - Risk Without Reward
Are you exposed to unrewarded risk by excessive overweighting of one or two stocks? This paper examines the impact of "Concentration Risk".

Rethinking Risk
Should it really be a question of risk versus return? Maybe it should be risk versus early retirement or risk versus travel.

Was That Risk I Just Saw? The Pain Could Have Been Prevented With Wealthcare
Did you plan on the bear market? Long before the bear market came you could have been prepared for this financial "drought". The question is... are you financially healthy enough to withstand a continued "drought"?

The Use of Monte Carlo in Modern Portfolio Reality (MPR)
A deeper look at the differences between MPT and MPR and the compelling evidence that advisors are materially improving investors~ odds of meeting their financial goals

Living Life on the Flip of a Coin... Will Americans Achieve Their Financial Goals?
This in-depth, 13 page paper exposes a crisis for investors. On average, investors have only a 57% chance of living their financial life as they have planned. Professional advice and probability analysis are improving these odds.

Modern Portfolio Reality (MPR)
The Failures of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)

Time to Change Your Password
A look at how to protect your confidential information in the electronic world

It is 11:00 p.m., Do You Know Where Your Portfolios Are?
A fresh look at how portfolios can be monitored for progress towards investors~ goals

Asset Allocation Math Methods & Mistakes
Asset Allocation Math, Methods & Mistakes. A look at some of the most famous asset allocation studies and what can and what shouldn~t be concluded from these works.

Change...You Can Lead It, Follow It, or Ignore It

The Art of Advice
Will computers replace people? We don~t believe so whether in art, or... advice.

Do Markets Trend?
Paper reviewing the randomness of market returns

Why Leading Financial Advisors Audit Financial Plans

The Asset Allocation Myth
Think that your 90% of your results come from asset allocation? A look at the gap between the theory and reality.

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