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Defy the Common®


We sponsor periodic educational events hosted by expert industry veterans to discuss wealth management topics such as:

> Financial Planning
> Practice Management
> Investment Management
> Portfolio Construction and Tax Location Management

Contact us to learn more about upcoming webinars, conferences, access archived recordings, or inquire about CFP® or CIMA® Continuing Education credit.


The Wealthcare Practice Management Workshop Series

We are hosting periodic one day workshops in major cities around the country. Email us to find out about upcoming dates and locations and to reserve your spot. All great businesses are built on consistent repeatable processes. Our workshops focus on how to streamline your practice, enabling you to concentrate on the elements of your work that have the most meaningful impact on your clients' lives and the growth of your business.

Presentation Topics Include:

> Do You Perceive a Contradiction? - A New Value Proposition
> Orchestrating the Music of Your Clients Lives – Goals-Based Planning
> What’s Going On? The Art of Building Rapport and Discovery Sessions
> Portfolio Implementation & Generating After Tax Alpha
> Sticking to your Long-Term Plan Can Be Catastrophic – Ongoing Advice and Monitoring
> Tax-Optimized Portfolio Construction & Risk Rebalancing

With our support and scalable, consistent process, Wealthcare can help you take your practice from Success to Significance. Call us at 877.883.7526 or email JoinUs@wealthcarecapital.com to reserve your spot.


Email us to request the password to view recordings of our recent webinars.

The Lifestyle Price of Hedging Retirement Withdrawal Risks

The notion of the “safe withdrawal rate” has been widely contested by industry experts recently. Every advisor wants to ensure that his/her clients can be confident in funding the future, and there are numerous proposed solutions to hedging the constant uncertainties of return sequences and inflation. But what is the real cost of that safety?

In this webinar, Wealthcare CEO, David Loeper, evaluates the lifestyle impact of various planning strategies including the Buckets of Money method, using Insurance Products (Immediate and Variable Annuities) and The Safety First approach. Learn how to manage uncertainty in the framework of your clients’ goals and priorities and provide confidence in funding future spending goals without unnecessary risk or lifestyle sacrifice.

Understanding What's Under the Hood of your Monte Carlo Engine

It’s been over a decade since Monte Carlo Simulation revolutionized the financial planning industry, and in that time, we have seen how it can improve an advisors practice by giving their clients confidence in the face of uncertainty. But as these tools have become increasingly pervasive, so too has our faith in their results. A simple misunderstanding or misapplied assumption in the simulation can lead to disastrous real life consequences. In this webinar, Financeware inventor, David Loeper, explains the nuts and bolts of probability analysis engines. Learn the effects of differing calculation methods, distribution shapes, capital market assumptions, mortality treatments and tax methodologies across various probability analysis engines in the marketplace…and how you can use that knowledge to provide your clients with an opportunity to live out their dreams with confidence and comfort.

All educational events are for Investment Professionals Only

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