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Building a Revolution


The Wealthcare Way™ philosophy is to control what is controllable and to measure the uncertainty of that which is uncontrollable.

Fees, taxes, risk exposure and choices about your clients’ life goals are all controllable…but the markets are not. No one can predict where the markets are heading, and anyone who tells you otherwise is misleading you.

In the Wealthcare System, the portfolio is a means to an end, not the end in itself. It is the means to make dreams a reality, a means of instilling comfort and confidence, and most importantly, a mechanism to make sure that the expectations set will not result in disappointment.

The premise behind designing a Wealthcare recommendation is to make the most of each client’s life while avoiding needless risk. This does not just mean using a portfolio allocation that takes less risk than the investor’s maximum tolerance for risk, but also means not subjecting an investor to potentially materially underperforming the allocation that was modeled.

Furthermore, investing the Wealthcare Way™ involves on-going monitoring to ensure that the client’s life goals are always connected to their investments. We evaluate the allocation across each client’s household of accounts daily and rebalance back to target allocation whenever necessary to ensure that the investments remain consistent with the Wealthcare Plan recommendation that we are modeling.

This practice of controlling what’s controllable, measuring the uncertainty of that which is not controllable, and being consistent in our modeling allows our unique, patented system to make a real difference in clients’ lives.

As we believe each client is unique and has unique goals and priorities, we strive to accomplish the following as we help them make the most of their lives:

> Achieve goals that might otherwise be ignored
> Take the least investment risk possible to achieve those goals
> Avoid lifestyle sacrifice
> Exceed goals with confidence and comfort

This is the Wealthcare System, and this type of life-relative wealth management helps our advisors Defy the Common®.

Join us.
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