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An important part of the Wealthcare System is supporting participants, advisors and sponsors of 401k and other qualified retirement plans. Wealthcare Capital Management® provides reliable, cost effective and personalized service to all parties.

Plan Sponsors

Your Company offers a 401k plan to help employees and their families save for retirement and other goals. Making the most of this opportunity, while meeting your fiduciary responsibilities to employees and beneficiaries, is an important objective. Wealthcare Capital Management® offers a cost effective, turnkey alternative to assist in this goal – that benefits you and your employees.

Sponsor resources:

> Learn about the benefits of the 401k plan to sponsors
> Learn more about the Wealthcare Process and how it affects you as a sponsor
> Understanding how your employees - participants in the 401k you sponsor - benefit from having a 401k plan

Plan Participants

Your 401k plan plays an important role in planning for your future and making the most of your life. How should your 401k account be invested? What level of risk should you take? What is the right portfolio for you?

Are you interested in looking at the bigger picture and understanding how to meet your financial goals? We can help you not only choose the right portfolio, but also advise you on your spending and saving habits in order to have confidence in achieving your unique personal goals by creating a Personal Wealthcare Plan with quarterly monitoring.

What do you get with your Personal Wealthcare Plan? Professional advice to help you live the one life you have, the best way you can! We do this by giving you confidence in achieving the goals YOU value, without undue sacrifice to your lifestyle and without unnecessary investment risk.

Participant Resources:

> Understanding how you may benefit from having a 401k plan
> Learn what portfolio may work best for you by using the automated Risk Tolerance Worksheet or self-scoring Risk Tolerance Questionnaire.
> View a sample Personal Wealthcare Plan Report or examine a Status Monitoring Report
> Need help with the risk tolerance questionnaire or with a Personal Wealthcare Plan? Call the Wealthcare Specialists at 866.261.0849
> Read the SEC Form ADV Part 2A for Wealthcare Capital Management, LLC

To learn more, give us a call at 866.261.0849 or email us at RetirementPlans@wealthcarecapital.com.

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