Goals-Based Wealth
Management Process

Our consistent and repeatable process is focused on the best interests of the client.

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Used by Over 30,000 Advisors Nationwide

Throughout our financial lives, we all strive to avoid two key challenges: risk and sacrifice. But to effectively uphold this goal — while also achieving our life goals — we must learn how to control what we can and be prepared for events that are beyond our power.

To create predictability in your wealth management, you need sophisticated algorithms, consistent modeling — and a trusted relationship.

In 1999, Wealthcare developed a revolutionary new process for addressing these concerns by:

  • Simplifying risk management.
  • Removing unnecessary sacrifice.
  • Offering tremendous benefits for advisors, enterprises and investors, alike.



Ideal & Acceptable Life Goals

Every relationship starts with a thoughtful, informal conversation about the client’s most important life goals, such as preparing for early retirement, paying for college, and funding travel dreams.


Goal Trade-Offs & Prioritization

During the initial conversation, the advisor will help the investor set priorities using our patented Goals Exchange. Together, they’ll determine targeted goals, ideal and acceptable outcomes for different life scenarios, and choices that help define the investor’s unique risk preferences.


Lifetime Simulations & Scenarios

Here, the wealth management plan begins to come alive. Using our advanced Monte Carlo engine, an advisor will run the investor’s ideal and acceptable goals through a 1,000 lifetime simulation, testing different scenarios to determine the probability of achieving the clients’ stated objectives. For example, the simulation would analyze a 30-year plan against 30,000 different market scenarios — from depression to exuberance — to see how well the investor achieves their goals in every conceivable market environment.


Comfort Zone® Recommendation

Using the results from our life simulator, the advisor will work with the client to adjust their balance between ideal and acceptable goals. Together, they will fine-tune the objectives until finding the client’s unique Comfort Zone®: a set of personal, important goals they are highly likely to realize while taking as little risk as possible.


Investment Strategy

After tuning the client’s life plan inside the Comfort Zone®, the advisor will customize a wealth management plan and an investment portfolio that brings these goals to life.

The advisor then implements the appropriate portfolio mix to focus on diversification, risk management, lower costs and tax minimization.


Dynamic Monitoring & Ongoing Advice

Where other planning tools stop, Wealthcare lives on. Our process maps every economic shift and life change, so clients are always aware of where they stand relative to their goals. The advisor can also produce on-demand reports to reveal if a plan is over- or under-funded, allowing investors to avoid both excess risk and unnecessary sacrifice. As long as the investor remains in their desired Comfort Zone®, they continue following a path toward achieving their dreams.