12 Owned Patents
2 Synchronized Processes
1 Innovative Goals-Driven Experience

Join advisors nationwide who power their practice with GDX360.


Power Your Practice with GDX360®

The Original Goals-Based Wealth Management Platform

Our patented technology allows advisors to help make their clients’ life goals a reality by connecting their investments to their aspirational dreams and priorities.

Comfort Zone® “Where’s My Dot?” monitoring manages future confidence to help exceed life goals while avoiding excessive risk and lifestyle sacrifice. This approach transforms advisor-client conversations to focus more on life goals than market performance.

A History of Innovation

When we originally released GDX360 in 1999, this goals-based planning revolution was the first online Monte Carlo Simulation engine for financial professionals. This innovation is captured in a patented 6-step planning process.

Ideal & Acceptable Life Goals - more focus on what clients care most about: their lives.

  1. Goal Trade-Offs & Priorities - deeper understanding for better life planning guidance.
  2. Lifetime Simulations & Scenarios - unique forward-looking analytics with what-if testing.
  3. Comfort Zone Recommendation - easy to understand plan directly tied to client life goals.
  4. Investment Strategy - seamless 2-way link between financial planning and investing.
  5. Monitoring & Advice - quarterly guidance that connects investments with clients’ life goals.

Key Benefits for Enterprises, Advisors and their Clients

  • Acquire & Retain More Clients - more focus on what clients care most about: their life
  • Deepen Client Relationships - life goal conversations that shift selling to guidance
  • Increase Share of Wallet - uncover hidden assets and consolidate held-away assets
  • Cross-Sell Products & Services - investments, insurance, tax, estate, health, family