As a Wealthcare Advisor, spend your days advising clients,
building new relationships and enjoying your life
— while we help you manage the other details.


Take Your Practice to the Next Level

Learn How Joining Wealthcare Capital Management Can Transform Your Career

Running and managing your own advisory business is tough ⎯ and probably not why you became an advisor in the first place. Nor is it the best use of your time. Especially in today’s highly regulated, compliance-centric financial world. Add market fluctuations, client needs, operations, billing, reporting and beyond, and balancing everything becomes overwhelming. Some days you probably wonder what business you’re really in ⎯ and how you got so far away from the reasons you wanted to be a financial advisor in the first place.

Wealthcare Capital Management understands. So, we built our business around creating a better platform for you to run your business on.

We designed our practice-management support services with you and your clients’ best interest in mind — so you can provide deeper support, spend more time with clients and prospects, and earn more money doing it.

When you join Wealthcare Capital Management, you’ll be able to:

Enjoy Comprehensive Support

Compliance, billing, rebalancing, benefits, payroll, IT. You name it, and we’ll cover it. Our front-, middle- and back-office support will keep you from worrying about running a business, so you can focus on growing relationships and fostering your clients’ success.

Build the Scalable Practice You Desire

Forget competing priorities or big-firm mandates. With Wealthcare Capital Management, you’ll have the time and freedom to support your clients the way you’ve always wanted and build the practice you envision.

Earn More Money

We offer some of the most generous compensation structures in the industry. But, that’s not the only reason our advisors usually earn significantly more money when they join our firm. Our 100% support allows you to build new relationships while maximizing your current book’s value and preparing for retirement.

Leverage our Goals-Based Wealth Management Solution

GDX360 is the original online goals-based wealth management software — and a comprehensive way to help clients stay on track to comfortably exceed their goals. And as a Wealthcare Advisor, you’ll be able to use our cutting-edge software, while we manage its maintenance. You create the plan and path, and we’ll do all the time-consuming data input, rebalancing and more.

Simplify the Transition Process

Changing firms doesn’t have to be daunting. Our 100% support begins from Day 1, so our team will be by your side, streamlining the transition process for both you and your clients.

Wealthcare will free you to focus on what really matters.

Most advisors start their own practice because they’re passionate about helping clients manage their financial lives. Along the way, however, spending time on your business rather than in the business can take you away from this vision. With our 100% support and  goals-based wealth management platform, at Wealthcare, focusing on your clients’ dreams and life goals can transform your own. Contact us today to learn more about how Wealthcare’s Goals-Based Wealth Management can benefit you and your clients.