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Empowering the Goals-Based Wealth Management Community


Helping Advisors, Investors and Enterprises Reach Their Goals

Since 1999, we have focused on reshaping the financial planning industry for the better.

We believe in quality over quantity. Innovation over inertia. And that technology can transform businesses — and lives. Our patented goals-based wealth management process helps advisors, enterprises and investors rethink and refocus how they approach financial planning.


Wealthcare Advisors receive 100% support, end-to-end solutions, and our patented process and software to help them create more fulfilling careers. By joining Wealthcare, they’re free to focus on growing client relationships instead of spending their time and efforts worrying about their business.


When clients work with a Wealthcare Advisor, they can finally find confidence in their financial futures. From the insights gained by our patented Comfort Zone® software to clarity found in truly personalized portfolios, investors receive guidance and support that help them work toward exceeding their goals while enjoying their lives.


We think organizations shouldn’t have to change their business to fit a software platform. So, we design, implement and integrate private label, goals-based solutions that align with each company’s unique workflow and sales processes. Enterprises gain flexible, customized technology that accentuates their value proposition and competitive edge — not off the shelf, one-size-fits-all software.