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The Complete Guide to Wealthcare

Wealthcare is the proprietary wealth management system of Wealthcare Capital Management, Inc. and is designed to ensure your clients experience the dreams of their one life.

by David B. Loeper, CIMA, CIMC Learn More

Risk Tolerance Revisited

In this insightful analysis of risk tolerance, Ron Madey, CFA, CIO challenges traditional understanding of the concept. He demonstrates how Wealthcare’s process captures clients’ risk tolerance in the context of their goals and values, thus helping them keep their resources aligned with what they value most.

by Ron Madey CFA, CIO Learn More

Let's Go for a Hike!

In this piece we review the history of Federal Reserve rate hike episodes and their impact on investment performance. It is better than you may fear.

by Ron Madey, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer Learn More

Does Greece Matter?

The fate of Greece in the Eurozone has provided ample content for news stories and drama to move markets, but what really is its significance? In this brief perspectives piece, we frame the issues of this Euro-Greco saga and its significance to the Greece, the Eurozone, and investors.

by Ron Madey, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer Learn More

Puerto Rico -America's Greece?

On July 9, we published an article on Greece’s financial crisis, which has been brewing for years but reached a climax that threatened Greece’s membership in the Eurozone. One month later, investors’ attention has now turned to another credit crisis precipitated by the recent default by Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico’s bonds had been in junk territory since February 2014.

by Ron Madey, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer and Ken Kideckel, CFA® Portfolio Manager Learn More

Carnage or Correction?

Staying with Principles that Work
Roughly one month ago, the S&P 500 Index was just a few points away from its all-time high. As of today the market has officially breached “correction” status by falling 10% below its high, if only briefly, so far this morning. To say the least, this market behavior is disconcerting and can profoundly influence our emotions. So, we want to remind you of some key principles about how markets work and how we manage money on your behalf to keep you on track to attaining your goals.

by Ron Madey, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer Learn More

It's the Goals Management Process, Stupid

Many believe that the wealth management industry is about to experience a profound paradigm shift from performance-based investing to goals-based investing.

by Ron Madey, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer Learn More

The Fed Raised Rates 0.25% Yesterday, OMG!

The last time the Fed hiked interest rates Twitter was not available to the public and the iPhone did not exist. In this brief article I comment on the impact of the rate hike and the expected path of Fed Funds rate now that the tightening cycle has begun.

by Ron Madey, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer Learn More

A Headline Grabbing Start to 2016

Markets are off to a shaky start for 2016. Headlines over the weekend said things like, "U.S. Stocks Have Worst 5-Day Start to a Year Ever."
While the journalists know how to write attention-getting headlines, the real question is what does it mean and what should you do, if anything.

by by Michael Asker, CEO and Ron Madey, CFA, COO Learn More

Assessing Growth Conditions

This article identifies the 20 components that contribute to Wealthcare’s Growth Conditions Index (GCONIX) and demonstrates its effectiveness as a leading and coincident indicator of recessions. By contrast, the stock market has "forecasted" five more recessions than have occurred since 1965. Currently, GCONIX continues to indicate favorable growth conditions, indicating that, for now, the recent declines in the equity market do not portend an imminent recession in the U.S. 

by Ron Madey, CFA®, Chief Investment Officer Learn More

Hunting for Black Swans

In this important white paper, David Loeper discusses the process of building capital market assumptions and how he has developed and improved the assumptions used in the Wealthcare process.

by David B. Loeper, CIMA, CIMC Learn More

Understanding Monte Carlo Simulation

In "Understanding MonteCarlo Simulation", David Loeper clarifies why Monte Carlo Simulation is gaining popularity, what problems it might help us solve, what it shows and perhaps more importantly, what it cannot show.

by David B. Loeper, CIMA, CIMC Learn More

Do You Perceive a Contradiction?

In "Do You Perceive a Contradiction? Examining the Premises of Financial Advising," David B. Loeper, CIMA, CIMC discusses the the traditional "best practices" of the financial services industry.

by David B. Loeper, CIMA Learn More

Are You Modeling What You Intended?

Capital market assumptions created by the financial services industry - and the results derived therefrom - vary widely. Advisors must evaluate their assumptions in determining whether the results are meaningful and accurate.

by David B. Loeper, CIMA Learn More

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