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A lot of us here were once like some of you: Tied to a company we didn't fit into with people who didn't share our point of view. If you feel like you're tied up and tied down, and if you're thinking about making a change, then think about this. We've come up with a plan to make breaking away and becoming independent easier than staying where you are.

Our fee-based Unified Managed Household Program (UMH) turns the hassles and logistics of going independent into an environment where practically every aspect of your services is performed by experts suited for the job at hand. The only thing you have to do is do what you love: work with your clients. That means no more:
> Trading, financial planning, fee billing
> Compliance, regulatory reporting, business accounting, infrastructure management
> Possibly being limited to being a State registered adviser.

All at an all inclusive total client cost that is 50 bps less than the platforms you would need to replace!

Read more or download our advisor brochure. Think it over. And if you're ready to cut ties, drop us a line. Contact us at 877.883.7526

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