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Building a Revolution


How we got here

Yes, we really are out to change our industry for the better. And at the heart of why we make the effort is the simple fact that far too much advice is given every day with far too much risk and uncertainty. We think people deserve more. Deserve better. So we set out to give the industry the ability to make sure that what people dreamed they could do, advisors could help them achieve.

That’s why we invented Financeware, the financial planning software that has been adopted by many of the nation’s largest financial institutions. We created a technology that could help advisors all over the world place the obtainment of people’s dreams ahead of the thrills and chills of chasing returns. And because of this, we’ve helped a great many people live the life that they’ve always wanted to live.

However, we have also seen our tools used in ways we never imagined, ways that did not support our vision of placing the needs of clients above all else. So, we innovated again and created a patented process to harness the full potential of our technology. We created a process which ensures advisors can be more confident in their advice and their clients more comfortable with the results. And then, rather than rely on others to make sure people’s dreams are at the heart of our industry, we decided to take on the challenge ourselves. So with breakthrough technology and patented processes in hand, we sought out like-minded advisors, and created Wealthcare Capital Management®.

Today, as we continue to grow, continue to challenge the status quo, continue to create new ways to do business and change the financial advising industry for the better, we hold one belief that guides all of our efforts and is shared by all of the advisors who are selected to join us. We all believe the sole reason for being in this business is to help people experience the dreams of their one and only life.

It sounds simple enough. Perhaps even obvious. But as we’ve discovered, in practice it is, in fact, a revolution.

Join us.

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